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Daniel’s Video

ASD student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Daniel was diagnosed with ASD in year 5 and used to dread the idea of going to school. He experienced a lot of anxiety and did not get on in mainstream or in a special school...

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Since joining Nisai, Daniel feels a lot happier without the anxiety of having to physically go to school and feels the students and teachers are very friendly and helpful. Daniel is currently taking his GCSEs with our Nisai Virtual Academy and we wish him all the best.

Lucas’s Story – Parent Testimonial

ASD & ADHD, Nisai House student
"I feel things are working really well at Nisai and Lucas is really happy..."

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“In terms of his ASD and ADHD needs; it feels like they are being met. Thirty-minute lessons in a calm environment are perfect. It also helps that he can wear headphones to block out any distractions or noises.

The amount and type of exercise he is doing is also helping with his sensory processing disorder. Generally, I am so happy about how things are going at Nisai House. Mostly because he is happy and as his mum, that’s all I really want for him.”

Dawn and student

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