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12th February 2019

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Nisai student nominated for a prestigious award

We are very proud to say that our very own student, Robert Allcock was nominated for a ‘Young Person’s Resilience’ award at the Above and Beyond awards this week! He is certainly a true winner in the eyes of Nisai.

On Monday 11 February, an award ceremony was held to celebrate parents, teachers, support staff and other professionals in the UK who go ‘above and beyond’ to help exceptional young people achieve their high learning potential. The awards were hosted by Potential Plus UK, British Mensa, nasen and a few other wonderful companies. We were delighted when we heard that Robert was nominated!

Rob has a very rare neuro-muscular genetic disorder called ‘Rod Nemaline Myopathy’. His physical needs are of the highest order. He breathes through a tracheostomy attached to a ventilator. Robert requires 24/7 care all the time. His physical condition means that he is very weak and is also deaf in one ear which is a side effect from the continuous noise from the ventilator.

Despite his difficulties, he is a happy, funny and kind hearted and is extremely bright. He has such a positive outlook on life and has such determination with his learning. He achieved his L2 certificate in ITQ with us last year and is currently studying L2 ICT with us. Due to his condition he cannot always attend the live lessons, but he always catches up with the recordings and completes all assignments on time to a high standard. He has achieved 100% in 12 assignments so far this academic year.

Rob is an absolute pleasure to talk to, such an engaging and enthusiastic learner and despite all barriers, he is determined to not let anything stand in his way. He is a wonderful, inspiration young man and a true SUPERSTAR!

We are so sorry you did not win the award Rob – but we want you to know that we are SO proud of you and you are definitely a WINNER in our eyes! 


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