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Funding Routes

Funding Routes

We have over 20 years’ experience in answering questions from students, parents, local authorities and schools on the varying funding routes available within education.


If your child has been excluded or is no longer able to attend mainstream school, don’t worry! The government has a legal obligation to provide education to all children up to the age of 16; an option will always be available. Primarily, we are funded and commissioned by your child’s school or local authority.

However, some parents/carers choose to pay for their child’s education themselves. If your child has Special Education Needs or Disabilities, we can support you in finding a flexible route to funding through EHC plans or other channels.

Local Authority

If you have a young person with an EHC plan we can provide an alternative provision route for them. Additionally our dedicated Learning Services Managers offer support to local authorities, providing services that address their requirements.

Moreover, we have been successfully approved for 30 local authority frameworks based on our capability to deliver an effective provision for their students.


Our schools use Nisai to support their learners who may require a flexible, alternative approach to education. Above all, the learner’s need is a priority above funding and options include:

  • The Age Weighted Pupil Unit
  • Pupil Premium
  • Pupil Premium Plus
  • Support from Local Authorities for those with an EHC plan

Previously, funding has been made available by local government teams including SEN, Behaviour and Attendance, Post 16, and the Virtual School.

Many schools use our programmes to provide an alternative curriculum onsite instead of commissioning organisations for offsite alternative provision.

"Small group sizes enable teachers to know their students well and to adapt their lessons to meet their needs. Teachers ensure that the lessons are of an appropriate length to allow students to focus on their learning without the distractions of a classroom setting."

OFSTED, Dec 2017

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