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Post 16

Post 16

With or without an EHCP, we can support Post 16 learners into education and training

In many cases, Post 16 learners have missed a significant amount of their schooling and are working below their expected educational levels.

In the NVA, our students access lessons with others working at similar levels. No one knows the age or background of their peers due to the lack of webcams. This provides anonymity for any Post 16 learners who may suffer from anxiety. Our team of experienced Learning Services Managers work with local authority teams and parents to identify programmes of study.

Our Post 16 learners access a number of our services whether it is our standalone online offering with additional support, Outreach or our Personalised Learning Support programme. All of which incorporates the online academic element to learning.

With our inclusion on Section 41 as part of the Children & Families Act 2014, Nisai are approved to deliver programmes to learners aged 16 – 25.

"Leaders and managers provide and safe and supportive learning environment in which students, who have previously been unable to attend school, are able to take qualifications and improve their life chances."

OFSTED, Dec 2017

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