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Part 4 – Minimizing disruptions: Efficient attendance tracking and monitoring

Welcome to the fourth part of Nisai’s journey towards achieving Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) status. In this series, we continue to unveil our strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusive education and maximizing student support. Today, we delve into how Nisai effectively minimizes disruptions through our proactive approach to attendance tracking and monitoring.

Proactive attendance monitoring

At Nisai, we prioritise proactive attendance monitoring to enhance uninterrupted learning experiences. Our system employs dual attendance checks during each session: first, at the critical 10-minute mark, and then at the session’s conclusion. This approach serves several crucial purposes:

  1. Early intervention: The 10-minute attendance register acts as a cutoff for joining live sessions. This proactive measure is designed to reduce potential disruptions during ongoing classes, ensuring minimal disturbance to the learning environment.
  2. Immediate feedback: Following the 10-minute mark, instant email notifications are dispatched to students, providing them with real-time updates on their attendance status. This feedback mechanism enhances accountability and encourages consistent engagement throughout the session.

Access to recorded sessions and supportive learning environment

Recognising the diverse needs and schedules of our learners, Nisai ensures that recorded sessions are promptly available for review. Even if students miss a live session, they can access the recording shortly after its conclusion. This flexibility empowers students to catch up on missed content without disrupting ongoing classes, thereby maintaining continuity in their learning journey.

Beyond attendance monitoring, our educators work their best to maintain a supportive learning environment. They actively engage with students, fostering strong rapport and promptly addressing any signs of disengagement or technical challenges. Our teachers are trained to proactively check in with students to ensure sustained engagement and to provide necessary support as required.

Technological integration

Our learning platform leverages technology to support inclusive practices. For instance, it detects when students access lessons via mobile devices, which may limit their interaction capabilities. This awareness enables teachers to make informed adjustments, ensuring that all students can participate fully in classroom activities.

Our commitment to minimising disruptions in online classes is grounded in proactive attendance monitoring, accessibility through recorded sessions, and a supportive teacher-student dynamic. By leveraging technology and fostering inclusivity, we ensure that every student receives a seamless educational experience that maximizes their learning potential.

And there’s more

Join us as we continue to champion the cause of inclusive education and uphold our pursuit of the IQM “Centre of Excellence” status. Stay tuned for the next part of our series, where we will explore strategies for strengthening support for SEND students through continuous improvements.

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