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International Education

International Education

As a Cambridge International School, we have a range of short and long-term courses available and can provide a truly international education

Imagine all the positive aspects of a school – the classrooms, qualified teachers, a dedicated support team, extra-curricular activities and form tutors. Now picture it taking place online, in an inclusive and secure environment that welcomes every learner. That is the Nisai Virtual Academy.

Our short-term booster courses are tried and tested in the UK as well as internationally.

In addition to this, we offer an extensive selection of long-term courses to choose from including Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels lasting 1-2 years with various levels and assessments that can be taken across the globe. Moreover, Nisai students can achieve their educational ambitions and feel confident in progressing to university or the workplace.

Ordinarily, our learners study in small, live classes studying at a similar pace and ability. Coupled with supportive teachers and interactive lessons, our learners receive more attention and are therefore able to progress quicker. During lessons, students can interact verbally via their headset, through public text chat or privately text chat just the teacher.

We also have an office located in Kyoto, Japan supporting educational requirements in the East Asia region.

international education

Our International Community

Our international partners include:

Furthermore, we also support students in Australia, Vietnam and the Middle East in achieving an international education.

"It is fun and easy to understand. Sometimes, teachers will ask questions and let us play games and sometimes we get to type. We learn new vocabulary that can be used in our daily routine."

Amnuay Silpa Student, Thailand, NVA

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