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Nisai Education Trust

Nisai Education Trust

Nisai Education Trust (NET) exists to answer emerging questions around maximising the potential of learning in a post-industrial education system.

We connect research and practice, where innovation can take place and where proof of concepts can be worked through. Furthermore, we have a clear focus on maximising the potential of those who are unable to access the current system.

As an organisation, we passionately believe in Article 28 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child“Every child has a right to an education”. New approaches will be needed if society is going to make good on that promise.

We focus on non-traditional education models and how they can meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals both at micro and macro level. Subsequently, NET are looking for ways to reach individual learners and understand the need to influence government and non-governmental organisations. Also, we think it is important that we support young people in exceptional circumstances when traditional education is unable to meet their needs and where a non-traditional offer will make a real difference.

SDG 4 maximising potential

Our focus for 2019-2020

We are currently seeking local authorities, schools, universities and third sector organisations interested in building innovative partnerships. As a result of this, we will make a significant impact on the lives of young people with SEND and SEMH issues leading to social isolation and vulnerability.

In particular, we are interested in:

  • innovation within the school system
  • delivering engagement further/higher education and employment pathways

action research maximising potential

"We would like to thank you for the laptops you donated to our school. Truly, we are blessed."

Head of Faith Grower Christian School, Philippines

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