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Our Students & Clients

A Nisai student is part of a global learning community. A community that provides a sense of belonging, where students can achieve their full potential and barriers to learning are a thing of the past.

With 1,000’s of students globally achieving their academic goals with Nisai, we believe in supporting not only their academic achievement but also their personal development. With a focus on pathways and outcomes, we provide an holistic approach to learning, an approach that builds confidence, self-esteem and the skills to progress back in to school, on to college, university, further training or the workplace.

Ambitious pupils who are willing to work hard and study ahead of their year group; or to pursue an internationally recognised qualification.

A pupil whose individual style of learning is not well suited to the traditional classroom, who would thrive in a more personalised setting or require a level of privacy.

Gifted and talented students, such as an elite athlete, artist, musician or performer who finds it challenging to pursue their passion within a traditional school schedule.

Students with special education needs and disability, both learning and physical.

"His confidence has improved, and he is starting to address his anxiety so that he can continue to move forward." - UK NVA Student

Benefits of being a Nisai student:

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