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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Colin’s Story

Disaffected student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Colin was a 12-year-old student from the Middlesbrough area who had been out of mainstream education since the early part of Key Stage Two...

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He had also tried attending alternative provisions, but “had trouble” with it. He was completely disengaged from education. It was decided that Colin and his family would try online learning with the Nisai Virtual Academy (NVA) in November 2009 after being removed from previous provisions due to, in Colin’s words, “fighting and arguing and doing no work.”

The NVA was suggested as a final attempt for Colin to get the education he deserved, in a way he could cope with. He was very anti-education when he joined Nisai, and had the mind-set that he would not sit any exams due to his past experiences, but that he would attend the live lessons.

Three years on and Colin is still an active member of the Nisai Virtual Academy and has recently passed 3 Level 1 qualifications (the equivalent to D-G grade GCSEs) in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT. He is now on his way to achieving Level 2 (A*-C GCSE equivalents) qualifications in the same subjects. When asked about what he felt he has achieved since attending the NVA, Colin said “I have gained more self-confidence in my learning and abilities in spelling and other aspects of things like that” as well as the various qualifications he has under his belt.

As a young person who was completely disengaged from education, the NVA has made it possible for him to access education and achieve qualifications, and even helped alter his point of view on education as a whole. “Whilst I still would be unable to join a mainstream school, my attitude towards learning has changed a lot thanks to Nisai,” said Colin, who would not hesitate to recommend Nisai to other students in a similar situation.

Colin disengaged from education

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Kate’s Video – Guardian News

ME student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Guardian filmed a video with our student Kate, who explains how she got her A Levels with a virtual school...

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A lovely video of one of our students speaking to Guardian News about how they got their A Levels online while studying with us. A great way for students to understand how our Nisai Virtual Academy works.

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Daniel’s Video

ASD student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Daniel was diagnosed with ASD in year 5 and used to dread the idea of going to school. He experienced a lot of anxiety and did not get on in mainstream or in a special school...

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Since joining Nisai, Daniel feels a lot happier without the anxiety of having to physically go to school and feels the students and teachers are very friendly and helpful. Daniel is currently taking his GCSEs with our Nisai Virtual Academy and we wish him all the best.

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Isabelle’s Story – Parent Testimonial

ME/CFS student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Isabelle was diagnosed with CFS/ME in April 2016, she missed a year of school and had medical needs home tutoring through the local education authority, despite her illness she did really well and managed to attained 5 GCSEs…

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She attempted to go to sixth form the following academic year to do two A Levels on a very reduced timetable, often only managing 1-2 hours a day. However this took its toll on her health and by November she had to drop one A Level (English Literature) and she carried on with her French A Level, but by March had to give up altogether and left college.

Since studying with Nisai, Isabelle has confidence in her abilities again, she can study at her own pace and on days where she feels too unwell she is able to catch up when she feels better. She finds the tutors very good and helpful and enjoys the lessons. Without this, Isabelle wouldn’t have been able to study and I can’t imagine how this would have affected her. The future is unknown, but once she gets better from this horrible illness I’m sure she will go on to do great things, she has a fantastic mind and spirit.

Through being able to carry her education on through Nisai she is optimistic about the future.
Thank you.

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Nisai House Video

Nisai House students
Students at Nisai House often come from a challenging background - here's what our students had to say about us...

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When our students arrive at Nisai House, they are greeted by a safe and caring environment which allows them to start over. Every day is a new day. Our students are referred by schools in the area, PRUs and the local authority and may be dealing with a range of challenges. Here’s what our Nisai House students have to say about us.

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Emma’s Video

Medical illness student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Emma has a chronic condition called POTS which is an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing...

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This condition can cause dizziness, fainting and other symptoms. Emma has been studying with Nisai Learning since March 2018 and enjoys the classes, social clubs and has made a lot of friends. She is doing very well in her studies with us and is well on her way to completing her GCSEs.


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Andrew’s Story

ME student, Nisai Virtual Academy
Diagnosed with ME at age 7, Andrew has faced significant barriers in accessing education for most of his life. Andrew studied his 3rd A-Level at the NVA after completing his GCSEs...

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“Working with Nisai has given me the chance to achieve great results that I am proud of. As a student whose illness prevents him from attending school, I have really appreciated the opportunity to learn with other young people my age. Working on projects in class together has been really enjoyable and it was great to be able to help direct group efforts during lessons; there’s a really good feeling of satisfaction when it all takes shape”.

When asked why Nisai works for a range of students, Andrew said “I think that the flexibility Nisai offers is a key factor. The understanding of the teachers and staff to each individual student’s situation, in particular, is crucial to this aspect. Nisai staff always ensure that lessons have been held at a suitable time for me. In addition to this, students like myself don’t need to worry about spending the limited energy they need for studying on travelling to and from lessons.”

The NVA brings me as close to the classroom experience as I can imagine possible!”

“It is my goal to pursue a career in writing or journalism and I feel more confident about this, having studied with Nisai and achieved such positive results.”

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Lucas’s Story – Parent Testimonial

ASD & ADHD, Nisai House student
"I feel things are working really well at Nisai and Lucas is really happy..."

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“In terms of his ASD and ADHD needs; it feels like they are being met. Thirty-minute lessons in a calm environment are perfect. It also helps that he can wear headphones to block out any distractions or noises.

The amount and type of exercise he is doing is also helping with his sensory processing disorder. Generally, I am so happy about how things are going at Nisai House. Mostly because he is happy and as his mum, that’s all I really want for him.”

Dawn and student

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