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About Us

Creating impact and opportunities through education and training since 1996.

Established in 1996, Nisai Group is a leading education and training provider, promoting and supporting lifelong learning. Within three defined streams Nisai supports: Schools & Governments, Home-Schooled Children and Adults. All with a shared focus of putting the learner at the centre of what we do, our teams and offices stretch from Canada to Japan. Our growth over the years has been based on delivering high quality solutions, meeting the needs of students, embracing technological change and growing at sustainable levels to ensure the longevity of our support.


We are an educational organisation and school built on core values, a clear sense of purpose, a focus on support, nurture and personalised education and training. With a belief that education is more than academic achievement alone, we created an environment to support the whole learner, the Nisai Virtual Academy, a global online learning community that extends beyond the constraints of the traditional school walls.

Core values that deliver success:

  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Ambition
  • Support
  • Flexibility


We are committed to give traditional and non-traditional learners the skills to flourish through innovative education and through influencing positive institutional change.

We aim to transform global education to eliminate social injustice.

Our Belief in Equity and Liberation

Liberation is gained from a learner being provided with the resources required to meet their individual needs. This personalisation leads to equity in the classroom; achieved through the support tools available to the learner and the support provided by our teachers, form tutors and student welfare teams. Whilst inclusion has and always will be a focus for Nisai, by implementing equity, i.e. ensuring we meet our student’s individual needs, Nisai learners will achieve their goals, overcome their barriers, and will become global citizens contributing to their communities and society. We provide a pioneering, quality assured experience for traditional and non-traditional learners in a supportive environment, with a friendly voice, helping our learners feel valued and able to achieve their personal outcomes. Change Text Color
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Here at Nisai, our greatest assets are our in-house developed technology and our people who support Nisai learners and their families. Our teachers are specialists in their chosen field and come to Nisai with a desire to truly make a difference and positively impact the education experience of our learners. We all remember a teacher who made an impression on us, who inspired us and, in some cases, helped us to get back on the right path. Testimonials from students past and present affirm that our teachers, mentors and student support teams have and continue to make a real impact in their lives. Our ethos that all our staff has equal value; that everyone can develop themselves and that everyone can be heard also applies to our students, with many coming to Nisai after various challenges in their previous education; they can now be listened to, cared about, supported, nurtured, and encouraged.

Our Students

Our People

Our Partners

Our Journey to Date:

"Only at Nisai Virtual Academy have I been given a truly individual learning package which has inspired and given me the courage necessary to pursue university-level education." - Student with ADHD/SEN

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