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Nisai Holistic English Language Proficiency Programme (N-HELPP)

N-HELPP brings together all of our best practice with live teaching through the Nisai Virtual Academy in addition to Units of Sound and WordQ software suites.

Improvement in English supports progress across the full curriculum whilst providing greater opportunity in the workplace and beyond.

We believe in an impactful, meaningful, personalised approach to teaching English as a language rather than a subject. This can help students to develop skills to become life-long learners.

Learning English as a language provides the opportunity for students to learn everyday, usable English to aid communication. This supports in building confidence and self-esteem and develops the whole person rather than just knowledge.

Our offer includes:

N-HELPP is a unique offer with the three elements of live teaching, Units of Sound and WordQ. The programme is there to support in the building of knowledge and skills in English through the live lessons and Units of Sound.  In addition, WordQ supports the application of this newly developed knowledge extending the learning beyond the classroom.

WordQ Logo - BLUE
  • Helps enhance writing for all learners.
  • Text prediction provides accurate word suggestions
  • Available as a desktop programme for PC and Mac or as a webapp for Chromebooks.
  • ThoughtQ feature makes researching topics easier and more secure.
  • Age appropriate vocabulary, with Pro option available for older learners.
  • Available both online and off.
  • Lesson plans tailored to individuals
  • English is taught as a language, not as a subject
  • “NISIMS” programme allows for real-time tracking of progress
  • “NVA” classroom technology creates a more inclusive learning environment
  • Continued support allows for learners to make the most of the Units of Sound and WordQ Software
  • Kind, supportive teachers make learning fun.
  • A supplement to the traditional learning experience, not a replacement.
  • Reading is based on decoding for those with phonological (sound) processing difficulties.
  • Curriculum in reading, writing, dictation and memory tasks.
  • Improving results in better reading and comprehension with reading fluency materials to monitor progress.
  • The use of learner recording to help build skills and reinforce phonological awareness.
  • It’s design makes learning more memorable.
  • Practice writing in a controlled framework to work on sentence structure, punctuation, listening for accuracy, proofreading.

Anyone requiring support in reading and writing in English
can benefit whether it be those who are or have:


Special Education Needs

English as a second language

Lower than expected levels of English

N-HELPP provides support to those who are or have:

Special Education Needs Disabilities

English as a second language (all ages)

Gateway to international education


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