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Nisai Learning | Join Our Community

Nisai Learning | Join Our Community

Imagine all the positive aspects of a school – the classrooms, qualified teachers, a dedicated support team, extra curricular activities and form tutors. Now picture it taking place online, in an inclusive and secure environment that welcomes every learner. That is the Nisai Virtual Academy.

What is on offer?

We offer a variety of long-term, short-term and flexible booster courses with tried and tested success delivered through live, online lessons.

Core Curriculum is our most popular short-term course consisting of a six week rolling programme that is ideal for addressing immediate needs, thanks to our quick enrolment. Many clients use Core Curriculum as a way of testing how well their students engage with online lessons. This programme offers learners the flexibility of choosing how many subjects they would like to study. Core Curriculum is ideal for bridging gaps in education, for example if learner was going through a fixed term exclusion or has been unable to attend school due to health reasons.

Additionally, we have an extensive selection of long-term accredited courses to choose from including; Functional Skills, GCSEs and A Levels, lasting 1-2 years with various levels and assessments.

Interactive Online Lessons

All of our learners are in small, live classes studying at a similar pace and ability. Coupled with trained teachers and well-paced online lessons; our learners receive more attention from their teachers and can therefore progress quicker. Furthermore, our learners can interact verbally through the mic in their headset, through public text chat or privately text chat just the teacher.

We are often asked if our teachers can see the students or if there is a video function – the answer is no. Students feel more comfortable in a classroom when they cannot be distracted by others but can still talk and interact.

A Community within the NVA

Within the NVA, we have a plethora of activities, ways to socialise and additional support provided by our team which include but are not limited to:

  • Well-being centre: where learners can get advice on health, safety, community and their future
  • The Chill Out Zone: a safe place where learners can join clubs and societies
  • N’Tribe: our student newspaper produced quarterly that any student can take part in
  • House Groups: learners earn points to keep their house at the top of the leader board
  • Student of the Week: the learner who earns this title also gets extra points for their house
  • …and much more!

"I spent a couple years out of education before starting Nisai and it was like waking up from a nightmare!"

ASD student, NVA

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