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Extending further the experience gained from the educational model of the Nisai Group, Nisai Learning internationally provides an education that supports governments, schools and learning hubs. The support provided brings international curriculum from awarding bodies including Cambridge International and Pearson to local markets and blending this with the social activities to form an Integrated Programme or Extracurricular Programme.

We work with governments, schools and hubs to enhance the local mainstream and SEN education. We provide a flexible blended learning model for students in schools and hubs with the support of a local facilitator team, trained by Nisai.

We offer an all-round inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students.  A complementary solution to schools and hubs means that international education can be supported by local knowledge and expertise.

Forms of Cooperation

Nisai Learning, together with governments, schools and hubs, collaborate to implement an integrated blended learning model with education taught be Nisai alongside the support of facilitators and teachers from schools and hubs.

What People Say About Us ?

I get to know about my international friends' culture and what their country is like.
International Student
My child's self-learning ability has improved a lot. This is an online platform that requires a high self-learning ability. i can see an improvement in this quite clearly.
Parent of International Student


Frequently Asked Questions

Nisai Learning is a service of Nisai Group. Nisai Learning collaborates with schools, government agencies, or other entities interested in improving access to education, promoting online learning, or supporting educational initiatives.

Collaborating with Nisai can offer several potential benefits for organizations:

  • Access to Online Learning Expertise: Nisai specializes in online learning and virtual schooling. Organizations can tap into their expertise and gain insights into best practices for delivering effective online education.
  • Enhanced Educational Programs: Nisai’s educational resources and curriculum can complement organizations’ existing programs. By incorporating Nisai’s content or methodologies, organizations can enhance the quality and variety of educational offerings.
  • Technological Support: Collaborating with Nisai can provide access to their technological infrastructure and support systems. This can be particularly beneficial if your organization lacks the necessary technology or resources to effectively deliver online education.
  • Networking and Collaborative Opportunities: Partnering with Nisai can open doors to collaboration with other organizations in the network. This can facilitate knowledge sharing, joint initiatives, and the potential for synergistic partnerships.

The process may vary based on Nisai’s specific partnership programme and requirements.

Please contact your local representatives of Nisai Group for precise information on their partnership process, eligibility criteria, and any specific documents or steps required for potential partners.

  • Recruitment: We offer attractive forms of cooperation and recruitment policy. The counseling team is trained and supported throughout the progress.
  • PR & Marketing activities: Partners can access the Online Saleskit, a set of standard PR materials including leaflets, brochures, standees, etc., and request support in marketing & event activities.
  • Student supervision:Partners can access Nisai’s Partner Customer Portal to update students’ learning progress and communicate with parents.
  • Academic support: We offer academic support to our partner throughout the counseling and learning progress.
  • Nisai Learning Hub/ School: Become a recognised centre/ schools that recruits and provides customer care and learning support services.
  • Nisai House: Become one of our facilitators to supervise and operate Nisai House group learning.
  • Nisai Agent: Become a recognised partner that recruits students and provides customer service.
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