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Quality education for all learners

Quality education for all learners

For over 24 years, we have delivered flexible, innovative education programmes to our learners and supported them in achieving their ambitions.

At Nisai, we are much more than online learning. We provide a friendly, supportive learning community and offer our students incredible opportunities. In essence, we support learners up to the age of 25 and help create pathways to further education and employment through personalised learning.

We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world.

Above all, we support learning barriers through innovative education that is accessible and affordable to all. We provide a holistic learning experience for both traditional and non-traditional learners.

Opportunity for all in the world with learning barriers

Correspondingly, there can be many different forms of barrier to learning; such as geographical location, funding, personal situation or indeed a learning difference.

In particular, we give traditional and non-traditional learners the skills to flourish through innovative education and by influencing positive institutional change.

Our courses are taught by experienced teachers with courses accredited by OCR, Cambridge and NOCN.

Have a look at our offer. 

innovative education

"Leaders and managers provide a safe and supportive learning environment in which students, who have previously been unable to attend school, are able to take qualifications and improve their life chances."

OFSTED, Dec 2017

Quest 4 Excellence

Quest for Excellence is a reflection of our commitment to providing the best service

Continuous Professional & Learning Development Quality Mark

Inclusion Quality Mark

IQM Centre of Excellence

"Since studying with Nisai, Isabelle has confidence in her abilities again, she can study at her own pace and on days where she feels too unwell she is able to catch up when she feels better."

Parent, ME student

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