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Units of Sound

Units of Sound supports anyone who wants to improve on their reading, spelling and writing skills in English. Units of Sound helps anyone develop their reading and spelling. A flexible programme that is tailored for each and every person – whether you are at school, college, home or at work.

Units of Sound is an online, English literacy improvement programme designed to support and teach learners with low levels of English.


We want everyone to be equipped with the vital skills they need to live a positive life. Units of Sound provides learners with the literacy skills they need to reach their potential.


Supports anyone who needs a boost in reading, spelling and writing skills via a credible and affordable literacy intervention programme.


Units of Sound gives the opportunity to improve reading, spelling and writing skills through a multi-sensory, structured programme that covers Reading, Spelling, Memory and Dictation activities.

Reading is based on decoding for those with phonological (sound) processing difficulties.

Activities in reading, spelling, writing and memory exercises.

Improving results in reading and comprehension with reading fluency materials to monitor and evidence progress.

The use of learner voice recording to help build skills and reinforce phonological awareness.

The design of the activities makes learning more memorable.

Practise writing in a controlled framework to work on sentence structure, punctuation, listening for accuracy, proofreading.

"Units of Sound is interesting and it helps me with my spelling. I like it because it is easy and simple to use".
Primary School Student


Units of Sound takes care of the lesson preparation and content – you can focus on setting up and monitoring progress in the group and supporting students at key points.

Easy to use

There is an easy-to-use management information system built into the programme. this means that you can monitor progress and produce detailed reports for families.


There is a community of tutors using Units of Sound to access and engage with who are constantly developing and evolving the way the programme can be used.


Units of Sound is web-based which means students can use it on multiple devices both with you and at home.

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