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21st May 2019

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10 reasons parents choose online learning

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Over the last few years, online learning has proven to be a popular option when it comes to education. The number of students who follow an alternative method to mainstream school is increasing and questions are rising.

Online learning

There are many reasons why parents and students choose a different approach to education that can vary from their child struggling with:

  • Special Education Needs
  • School Bullying
  • Permanent Exclusions
  • Medical Illness
  • Child refusing to attend school

Research and some of our case studies have shown that online learning can be more successful and bring better learning outcomes than a mainstream school.

“I spent a couple years out of education before starting with Nisai and it was like waking up from a nightmare!” ASD student

10 reasons parents and students choose online learning

  1. Convenience: Parents who look at home schooling always want their child to get the best education. Our programmes follow the British curriculum and we are the only online provider to be OFSTED inspected. Our lessons are taught by qualified, DBS checked teachers who support our students and help them prepare for exams.
  2. Shorter LessonsAs opposed to traditional schooling, online learning allows pupils to complete their studies at times more convenient for them. Our standard lessons last to up half an hour, providing students with the flexibility to devote their time to other activities too.
  3. Accessibility: Students in mainstream school are often hesitate to ask questions during class. Our online platform offers anonymity and the security of this has been proven to build confidence of students.
  4. Small class sizes: Over the last decade, population has grown and pupil numbers within schools have rocketed. Our class sizes consist of no more than 15 students per class and lessons are delivered via our virtual platform. Our teachers take the time to encourage their students to engage and focus on their education.
  5. Safety: Many parents and students turn their back on mainstream learning due to bullying or dissatisfaction of the ‘traditional school setting’. We offer our students the opportunity to join a stress-free environment and work from a place they feel safe.
  6. Good fit for all: Research and case studies show that SEND students have thrived in an online learning environment after struggling in a mainstream setting. Our students tend to enjoy the online learning process more and our teachers encourage them to achieve their ambitions.
  7. Parents are involved: Parents’ involvement in online learning is crucial when monitoring their child’s progression. Our parents can be actively involved in their child’s education through the Parent Portal. We help parents keep track of their child’s attendance, behaviour and contribution.
  8. Engaging content: We provide engaging content and have many methods of interaction between students and teachers. Our students communicate via public text chat, private chat with just the teacher or verbally through their headset. Above all, it is important that our learners feel comfortable interacting in the way they prefer.
  9. Commitment and discipline: Yes – online learning is convenient and easy to access, however it requires pupils to be attentive and engaged in their lessons. We offer flexibility and independence, encouraging students to be self-motivated and manage their time effectively by meeting assignment deadlines.
  10. Support: Our students benefit from the live online lessons, a variety of interactive tools, 24/7 access to online material and resources. Our students also have ongoing support from teachers and our Customer and Student Support Team.


Evidently, there are a growing number of reasons why parents prefer online learning to mainstream education. A study conducted in 2018 by Learning House Inc. showed that 85% of students who experience both face-to-face and online learning courses felt their online experience was the same or better than mainstream courses.

We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world.

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