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Advice for Parents

Advice for Parents

The care and progress of your son or daughter is at the forefront of our offer to you. Providing a safe, nurturing environment where your child can be happy, supported and develop socially as well as academically is key to our success.

What do we offer?

Across Nisai Learning, Nisai House and Lammas School, we can support your child through the following programmes:

  • Curricula for Key Stages 1 through to 4 at Lammas School, Nottinghamshire
  • Long-term: curricula for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5
  • Short-term: rolling flexible 6 week curriculum from 1 hour to 15 hours per week
  • Booster programmes: delivered over 10 weeks to fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge
  • Personalised Learning Support: online learning with the 1:1 support of a friendly mentor
  • Project based learning: developing your child’s soft skills at Nisai House, Nottingham
  • High impact, low literacy support through Units of Sound

What are the benefits of Nisai?

  • Lessons taught by supportive, knowledgeable teachers
  • Smaller class sizes to focus on your child’s development
  • Personalised, nurturing approach to learning
  • Proven to boost confidence and self-esteem
  • A safe, secure and friendly environment for learning
  • Social clubs and extra-curricular activities
  • Termly reports about your child’s progress
  • Support from form tutors as well as our Student Support and Learning Services teams

How will I know how my child is doing?

You can be actively involved in your child’s education by accessing the Parent Portal which provides up to date information on their attendance and homework.

Above all, monitoring and progression are important to ensure your child is achieving their goals. From their very first lesson with us, we will track your child’s attendance, behaviour and contribution for each lesson. Our experienced teachers will also be there to guide your child through any assignments they may have due.

Moreover, for long-term students, we record this data on their Personal Well-being Plan, which is updated every six weeks to help keep track of their progress.

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"Since studying with Nisai, Isabelle has confidence in her abilities again, she can study at her own pace and on days where she feels too unwell she is able to catch up when she feels better."

Parent, ME student, NVA

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