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We support Schools, Academies, Colleges, PRUs, Care Homes, Local Authorities and parents in providing access to learning for students who struggle due to barriers, whether physical, emotional or learning-related.   

To see one student's experience, watch the video below by John Domokos of the Guardian, as he captures "A Level Results Day" with one of our students suffering with ME.  It represents the success of our students who achieve qualifications, often against incredible odds. 

For students who are Post 16 and challenged by illness or a medical condition, the Nisai Virtual Academy can be the answer to supporting the dream for progression.  Learn more.

Are English and Maths resits a problem?  With the new requirement for Post 16 students to have at least a C in English and Maths GCSEs, Nisai provides schools and colleges help with the timetabling. 
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EYS Partners to Bring Nisai Learning Model to Students with Barriers to Learning
House of Lords Ceremony:  Education Commitment Awards
Nisai speaks at UNESCO Conference in Russia
Ely College Partners with Nisai to improve outcomes 
Nisai Learning Awarded Bid by Halton Borough Council
Nisai is Shortlisted for SEN Award by GESS in the Middle East
Nisai Hosts Delegation from Vietnam
Can Autism be a cause for exclusion?
On 11th February, Ambitious about Autism launched a campaign, Ruled Out, to focus on the reasons why children with autism miss out on school. They discovering that 4 in 10 children with autism have been excluded informally/illegally from school. More ...
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