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For over 10 years, Nisai Learning has been helping young people overcome barriers to learning through its innovative and unique approach to providing a different way to learn.  Our award winning e-learning platform and pedagogy is helping students around the world achieve success.

Whether a student struggles due to barriers which are physical, emotional or learning-related, the student can find support with their learning needs from Key Stage 3 to A Level. 

We work with Schools, Academies, Colleges, PRUs, Care Homes, Local Authorities and parents. 

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Online Learning Supports Students with Learning Disabilities
Learning Disability Today's front page article in their Nov/Dec issue highlights "how online learning can help students with learning disabilities who struggle in traditional classrooms." Even the government has finally acknowledged this! Read more... More ...
For students who are Post 16 and challenged by illness or a medical condition, the Nisai Virtual Academy can be the answer to supporting the dream for progression.  Nisai is approved by the Secretary of State for High Needs Funding and is thus available through each Local Authority and its "Local Offer."  Learn more about Post 16 Studies. 

For Local Authority "Local Offer" information, click here.


Remembrance Day Poem

One of our students at the Nottingham Learning Hub brought in this poem which she had written of her own accord:

I don’t know who you were
Or in which battle you had died
I don’t know where you from
Or how many tears were cried.

Read the whole poem here.


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New Course Announced to Combat Cyberbullying 
Nisai Awarded Approval for Special Needs Post-16
EYS Partners to Bring Nisai Learning Model to Students with Barriers to Learning
House of Lords Ceremony:  Education Commitment Awards
Nisai speaks at UNESCO Conference in Russia
Ely College Partners with Nisai to improve outcomes 
Nisai Learning Awarded Bid by Halton Borough Council