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Nisai Learning

Supporting schools, local and central governments in providing education to children who require a personalised, supportive, complementary or alternative educational experience.

Since 1996, we have supported students under the care of schools and local authorities in the UK. This has extended to schools and governments internationally with support for improving levels of English, for students with special education needs, learning difference and aligned to our UK support, support for re-engaging children and young people back in to education. The challenges facing students in the UK is, in many cases the same challenges being faced by learners across all continents. Approved by the UK Department of Education in the UK to support learners over 16 with Special Education Needs, we support our students through teaching, our schools and government teams through reporting and data collection but through out, we support in the delivery of outcomes.


Providing an inclusive and holistic experience for students who have learning barriers. We offer a range of delivery models specific to the needs of the learner.


We work with governments, schools and hubs to enhance the local mainstream and SEN education. We provide a flexible blended learning model for students in schools and hubs with the support of a local facilitator team, trained by Nisai.

"At Nisai I feel valued, accepted, and included in everything. I feel very lucky and thankful to have found Nisai and to be part of such a great school. " - UK NVA Student


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