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Home Schooling

The care and development of your son or daughter is at the forefront of our offer to you.

Mainstream learning is not for everyone and young people and their families will have their own, personal reasons for investigating home schooling.

Through our online school, your child can study from any location and access live, interactive lessons in small classes. Moreover, the anonymity of no webcams means that students can study in classes at the right ability level for them.

Our blended approach to learning gives your child the flexibility to study from home, socialise with their peers and gain accredited qualifications such as GCSEs/ IGCSEs and A Levels. Learning with us is the perfect solution for parents who want their children to achieve their ambitions in a safe, supportive community.

If you’re not sure whether home schooling with us is the best option for your child, why not live chat with us? Our team can answer any questions you may have. You can also call make contact with your own regional centre by going to our “Contact Us” page

" I looked into other options and found Nisai and it was exactly what I needed. I felt so relieved that there was a way for me to get an education without compromising my health and once I started my English Language A Level my life changed." - Student Testimonial

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