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Our Partners

Our Partners are an extension to our business and are integral to the ongoing growth of our organisaton. With direction and ongoing support from Nisai, our partners share our values and commitment to making a difference and making education accessible.

Our partners are based in different locations around the world and with our support they recruit, support and provide access to local nationals to a Nisai education. A partner can be an individual, organisation or school but all partners are subject to a due diligence process to ensure they are representing Nisai in a manner we would expect.  A sharing of our core values is expected from our partners to ensure the integrity of our offer is intact.

We have a number of partner models internationally that, subject to criteria, can provide a route for organisations and individuals to work closely with Nisai to introduce and create improved opportunities for those looking for an alternative approach to education. An education that is based on British standards and curriculum whilst being considerate to local requirements.

Our models include:

Agents and Advocates – Nisai has developed an extensive network of like-minded individuals to share experience for the benefit of our learners

A Nisai Learning School (NLS) is a Nisai recognised learning school providing an international curriculum alongside local curriculum.

A Nisai Learning Zone is an onsite area in a school where alternative curriculum is taught to students.

Nisai Learning Hub is a recognised learning community supported by Nisai to recruit new students around the local community.

Nisai Learning School

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Nisai Learning Hub

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