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Adult Learning

Learning Is lifelong, work place and adult learning to support personal and professional development

Nisai Professional Development Institute (NPDI) supports adults in their personal development whether this is sector specific or developing employability opportunities through improved English or skills.  NPDI offers structured timetabled options for those training to get in to the workplace alongside flexible, pre-agreed and self-access options for those in the workplace.

Adult learning at Nisai is in the form of the Nisai Professional Development Institute (NPDI). Building on our experience in education, NPDI takes the elements that are so critical to the success in education and has adapted them in to a transformative approach to the adult learning market. By training teachers, we can impact the success of a greater number of students, by training future entrepreneurs we can support in local employment opportunities and by supporting adult learners in core skills we can improve life opportunities.

NPDI create high performance and productivity programmes for skills development within higher education and the workplace. Through the research of The Institute of Productivity (IOP) and the experience of Nisai, we develop units and courses which will benefit individuals and businesses across multiple sectors.

NPDI provides support to the following sectors and individuals:


Training for teachers, trainers, assessors and verifiers

Social Care

Care Givers supporting the elderly


Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce

International Business

Developing skills in English Language for adults in the workplace


Diagnostics and learning for middle managers, team leaders and their team members

“A well-written document is a critical business tool: it can demonstrate expertise and knowledge; influence decision making; win new business and help to build a brand. Words are a highly usable tool.” - Emphasis Training Ltd U.K

NPDI offer includes:

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