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Case Studies

A Parent’s story

We cannot thank you enough for the ongoing care and understanding that you have given to our son from the day of his induction forward.  Your Academy has provided an excellent standard of education and welfare in a way that meets his needs and allows him to learn and thrive, in spite of ongoing medical and mental health needs.

Within the first two weeks of him joining Nisai Virtual Academy he said that he felt like he was making friends again and felt a part of the Nisai community. He loved the fact that he can contribute to the lessons and learn, without the pressure of having to interact face to face or to leave the house each day, which would make his medical condition worse.

Within those two weeks, we felt like we had got our son back after years of isolation and only intermittent education.  The pressure lifted as he realised he could attend a class and be a successful participant from the first lesson, even if he was having a difficult day with symptoms.   The teachers continue to be incredibly supportive throughout each lesson and with homework tasks too.  He has loved joining the after-school clubs and has been able to study independently for the first time in many months/years without feeling like an outsider or that he permanently needed to catch up.

Because your team have an understanding of why our son needs a virtual education, some of the weight of anxiety and pressure has been lifted from family life and we are very grateful for this.  He has been able to catch up on lessons when he was unable to attend due to medical appointments /other support required. He has always managed to catch up on any lessons missed.  This is a success for him.

For us as parents, it has been a relief knowing that professional teachers are educating our son and that is was not down to us to teach him the work when he was unable to attend school due to his medical condition. This had caused a tremendous amount of stress and pressure in the past.  I sincerely hope that those who make the decisions within the local authorities can finally see the value of virtual learning through Nisai Virtual Academy (who are Ofsted rated) for those whose children and young people whose lives are permanently, or even temporarily, disrupted by pain, sickness, or for the many other reasons that may prevent school attendance.  The Nisai Virtual Academy works very hard to support young people and their families on every level and it is appreciated.

As our son has only been able to attend a school premises part time over the last 6 years, we have heard much about attendance figures.  As parents, we would have loved our son to be well enough to attend full-time but through no fault of his own, this was not possible.  The team at Nisai Virtual Academy provide parents with comprehensive support and knowledge regarding their child’s progress and will offer support whenever required.  Our son now attends his timetable full-time and is achieving over 90% attendance regularly.  This is from a low of just 18% when he was trying to attend a school building.  This shows how successful Nisai Virtual Academy is in terms of the delivery of the education that they offer and the format of the lessons themselves alongside their care for the pupil as an individual.  Full training was given to demonstrate how to participate in the lessons and Academy life and our son felt comfortable from the first lesson.

Overall, the Nisai Virtual Academy has enabled our son to succeed in spite of very difficult personal circumstances and we are proud to be working alongside you and to see his confidence grow as he realises that he is able to achieve his future hopes and dreams with the right support from you.


Thank you to all at Nisai Virtual Academy.

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