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Case Studies

Adam’s Story – A student with severe anxiety Currently finishing his GCSEs with Nisai

Adam is a year 11 student who sat 2 GCSEs (English and Maths) with us last year through the Nisai Virtual Academy. He is now in his second year with us studying GCSE History. Due to severe anxiety, Adam never logs into our live lessons but opts to watch the recordings instead. Nevertheless, he managed to achieve two Grade 4’s for his English and Maths which he and his parents were thrilled with.

Adam used to struggle to leave his bedroom and still struggles to leave the house. However, we have helped boost his confidence and Adam can now engage with 10 other people at a time.

Adam’s parents had this to say:

“Nisai has enabled our son, Adam, to be able to study for GCSEs where mainstream education was not accessible because of his additional needs. They have understood there is a need for alternate provision for a pupil that cannot attend schooling, in the mainstream sense. His attendance may be online, but this has meant when other mainstream education has failed, he has been facilitated to gain qualifications thus promoting a better long-term outcome into adulthood.”

A short quote from Adam:

“Nisai has allowed me to do something I’d have otherwise been unable to do.”

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