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Nisai Professional Development Institute

Nisai Professional Development Institute (NPDI) supports adults in their personal development whether this is sector specific or developing employability opportunities through improved English or skills.

Workplace learning at Nisai is in the form of the Nisai Professional Development Institute (NPDI). Building on our experience in education, NPDI takes the elements that are so critical to the success in education and has adapted them in to a transformative approach to the adult learning market. By training teachers, we can impact the success of a greater number of students, by training future entrepreneurs we can support in local employment opportunities and by supporting adult learners in core skills we can improve life opportunities.

The resources have been based on extensive experience in delivering productivity results and impact around the globe by the Institute of Productivity (IOP). Each module will upskill and improve productivity within the workplace for each individual which will then develop their leadership skills and business management. Targeted intervention allows for personalisation of development in a time effective manner.

Our unique perspective has a focus on personalised, inclusive learning where employers can pick from a menu of granular units as what is relevant to an individual might not be relevant to other members of the team. This targeted approach supports role related skills development and ensures budgets go further by only paying for what is relevant to the individual. This flexibility means that those in employee, leader and management roles can benefit from the units that will support their ability to succeed in their jobs. With productivity and industry experts behind the development of the programmes, NPDI supports in the development of knowledge and skills.

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