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How assistive technology can positively impact the personal wellbeing of learners whilst improving literacy around the world: Nisai Group at UNESCO Global Inclusive Forum (15 March 2024)

March 13th 2024 Paris

In a significant stride towards fostering global inclusivity in education, David Lester, Group Learning Services Director of Nisai Group is gearing up to participate in the upcoming UNESCO Global Inclusive Forum on March 15, 2024. David is participating in the Panel discussion and answering questions revolving around the crucial topic of “Ensuring access to assistive technologies and inclusive ICTs.”

Amidst rising concerns over global literacy rates, Nisai Group aims to shed light on the pivotal role of assistive technology in enhancing literacy worldwide. Recent findings from the UK’s SAT literacy results for 2023 reveal that approximately 30% of students failed to meet the expected benchmarks in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Given the stagnant progress in reading attainment levels compared to pre-Covid times, urgent measures are imperative to address this issue.

SAT results in England for 2023

Nisai Group is poised to showcase its groundbreaking solutions, with a spotlight on WordQ—an innovative application designed to visually enhance learner’s literacy with audio aids and word prediction. WordQ not only bolsters the English literacy rate among native speakers but also serves as a boon for learners grappling with English as a second language.

Additionally, WordQ comes with N-HELPP—a comprehensive blended language bundle designed to uplift English proficiency levels. This initiative aims to equip learners with the linguistic skills essential for thriving in today’s globally interconnected landscape. Collaboratively, these initiatives provide a cohesive educational journey, furnishing learners of all ages with essential resources to seamlessly transition to higher education levels and flourish in an era defined by digital advancement.

WordQ supporting learners with word prediction and audio aids.

Through its participation in the UNESCO Global Inclusive Forum, Nisai Group aims to reaffirm its commitment to fostering equitable access to education and driving positive change on a global scale.

Stay tuned for insightful discussions and impactful solutions aimed at transforming the landscape of inclusive education.

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