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Learning English as a second language provides greater opportunity in education, workplace development and wider life experiences.

There are many reasons for learning English as Second Language.  Greater skills and proficiency in English can not only support wider opportunities in your education, but also improve your career prospects and communication skills.  Examples of Nisai supporting the improvement of English proficiency include, students moving abroad to attend university, those in the workplace requiring a certain level of English for the purposes of emigration and finally, students of school age looking to access an international curriculum of education. The reasons why learning English is important maybe obvious, but identifying an organisation who can support your aspirations to learn English may be more difficult.

The Facts:

  • 35 billion people speak English.
  • The majority are not native English speakers.
  • Approximately 360 million people speak English as their first language.
  • English is by far the most commonly studied foreign language in the world.
  • Improved levels of English creates greater opportunity for students in learning locally and overseas.

Understanding the principles of equity and liberation helps us to provide an offer that not only teaches English, but also that extends the support and teaching beyond the class or training room.  We understand that learners of ages when learning English, need to learn it as a language, not a subject when taking the first steps into the journey in learning a second language. This supports the building of confidence with the written and spoken word. Through a blended approach to learning, we use traditional teaching and training within the learning environment. We blend this with edtech to support the learning and the application of this newly found knowledge.

We do this through N-HELPP

"Since studying with Nisai, XXXX has confidence in her abilities again, she can study at her own pace and on days where she feels too unwell she is able to catch up when she feels better." - Parent, ME student

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