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Case Studies

John’s Story – Parent Testimonial Student with severe anxiety Comments from John’s mum

“I am so pleased to hear how well John is doing in all his subjects at Nisai. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons and never has to be reminded or encouraged to attend them by me. Since starting his lessons at Nisai I have seen a massive improvement in his confidence and although it mentally exhausts him, John completes every task he is given to the best of his ability.”

“I can’t recommend Nisai enough, I only wish I’d known about it sooner. If my email is shared on social media and helps to get the word out to other prospective students that are having difficulty in accessing their education at traditional schools, I would be extremely happy to have been a part of that.”

“My son struggled with accessing education at his local school for a number of years and it was only when he joined Nisai that his confidence and happiness returned. I will always be grateful to the home learning Nisai provides and I am more than happy to support any way of promoting the potential that Nisai has to offer to all struggling students such as my son.”

“Thank you once again for the continued support you have provided for John and for making his lessons so enjoyable during his online education with you.”

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