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Nisai Learning International

Our Mission


Nisai is responsible for:

  • Delivering the high-quality education programme through virtual classes.
  • Implementing the entrance exam and sorting students into classes.
  • Supporting students with inclusive learning environments that engage students to learn, enhance their creativity and develop their potential.
  • Coaching and training local teachers from schools and hubs.
  • Providing learning materials, marketing and admission materials for schools and hubs.

Schools and hubs are responsible for:

  • Providing physical facilities supporting the learning process, including the classrooms, desks and chairs, and the required equipment.
  • Offer suitable courses and timetable supporting the blended learning experience.
  • Cooperate with Nisai’s facilitators to successfully coordinate and implement Nisai’s programme in schools and hubs.
  • Recruit and support local students and act as a local contact point of Nisai when required.
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