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Nisai’s Partnership with SEAMEO VOCTECH


The world of education and skills has been impacted tremendously during the COVID pandemic. However, this impact has not always been negative. Many innovations in technology-based creations occurred during the pandemic offering various new opportunities for students, educators, and the public creating more easily accessible education and tools for anyone to use.

Things that were once unimaginable in the world of education became a widespread practice. Learning in class, doing assignments, and even collaborating with friends using an online platform now fills students’ daily lives. The transformation of education from conventional physical classrooms to technology-based online learning has been evolving over the years but the pandemic has further accelerated this development and subsequently resulted in greater awareness and acceptance.

Nisai recently outlined its commitment to contributing to the transformation of TVET and improvement in English literacy through an agreement with SEAMEO VOCTECH. The Collaboration was launched during SEAMEO VOCTECH’s International Conference on 27th October 2022 held in the presence of the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Education, Thailand, Governing members from 11 SEAMEO member states, International TVET experts, teachers and industries.

The introduction of Foundation Skills (Literacy in English) Programme shall be introduced and offered to the TVET Teachers in South East Asia. The Programme employs Nisai’s existing Holistic English Language Proficiency Programme (N-HELPP) that brings together the best practice and technologies from organisations within the Nisai Group such as Quillsoft and Units of Sound, that have over 100 cumulative years of experience supporting learners in the development of skills and competency in English. With such an impactful, personalised approach to teaching English as a language rather than a subject and in addition to gaining knowledge, learners will develop skills and confidence to become life-long learners.

Our experience over time with learners of all ages has led us to a position where we believe in Intelligent Assistance – technology supporting the learner to learn, the teacher to teach and to create a richer learning environment. For the TVET sector, this can further be extended to other workplaces beyond teaching such as hospitality and healthcare.

We have a belief that education is fundamentally human-centric. Where there is absolute value in pedagogy but also in the value of technology to support pedagogy. Our experience has shown that you cannot replace great teachers but you can give them tools that allow them to be even more impactful. We deploy technologies to amplify individual strengths to compensate for neurological, and/or physical differences that present as weaknesses in learning.

Dhruv Patel, CEO and Founder of Nisai Group, is committed to contributing to the development and encouragement of learners across South East Asia.

Dhruv commented “With declining levels of English proficiency globally our work across South East Asia in the support of developing skills in English is part of our wider strategy to transform local education and provide global and digital opportunities to those where English is not their first language. We recognise that this will only be a success through early intervention when learners are still at school and support for adults in the workplace with contextualised, work-based English. By closing the skills gap through TVET and improving literacy levels we expect there to be a wider impact across local and national communities.”

Alias Hj Abu Bakar, Centre Director of SEAMEO VOCTECH, hopes that “The collaboration of SEAMEO VOCTECH and NISAI on the Foundation Skills (Literacy in English) programme for TVET Teachers in South East Asia … will strengthen the English proficiency of TVET teachers in the region. This launch signifies SEAMEO VOCTECH’s continuous effort in raising the bar of the quality of TVET systems across ASEAN and beyond.”

For further information or press enquiries, please contact Gerry Khoo: ([email protected])

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