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Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

A different approach to learning for those with learning difference. Nisai, supporting neurodiverse and neurotypical learners in one global learning community.

In the UK, 99% of our learners have some form of barrier to learning and require an alternative approach or extra support. This has been the case for over two decades but as time moves on and with the complexity of need getting greater our offer has developed but our focus remains the same. To provide an opportunity to learn, develop and succeed, whatever that might mean to each and every child or adult we support.  

Internationally we are seeing an increasing trend of our students displaying behaviours that would be associated with some form of special education need. 

For our students who learn with us, and who have a diagnosed or assessed SEN, equity and liberation has never been more important.  We look to level the playing field by understanding the needs of the individual and agreeing a package of support that is appropriate to those needs with the outcome being a successful transition on to their chosen pathway.

The challenges we see on a day to day basis in the UK are the same in many of the other countries we teach in including countries in South East Asia, the Far East and Central and Eastern Europe. We have supported learners with various SEND barriers including: Asperger’s, Autism, Dyslexia, Global Delay and Moderate Learning Difficulties. With many SEND learners being in possession of an EHCP, we can support them to achieve their educational ambitions.

With our expertise based on knowledge, experience but most of all understanding, we are here to remove the barriers, not the special education need and to provide your child, our students the best opportunity to achieve their personal ambitions.

"Since studying with Nisai, XXXX has confidence in her abilities again, she can study at her own pace and on days where she feels too unwell she is able to catch up when she feels better." - Parent, ME student


Who can access a Nisai education and what does it include:

Students aged 10 - 18 and in the UK up to 25 with an Education Health & Care Plan
British curriculum up to the age of 14 to build base skills and knowledge
Accredited qualifications including functional skills, IGCSE / GCSE, AS and A Levels
Project based learning – Young International Leaders and Sustainable Development Goals
Short Term courses from as little as 1 hour to 15 hours per week for up to 10 weeks
Long Term courses for up to 2 years on accredited courses
Ongoing support, both for academic progression and learner wellbeing
Ongoing reporting and data collection – providing transparent information to students, parents and schools
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