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Should You Take a Holiday?

The answer to the question is obvious.

Yes, you should.

We all need a break from work occasionally to rid ourselves of accumulated stress, to refresh ourselves.

But I’ve learned that there are things you can do to help maintain productivity whilst still having x complete break.

Firstly – prepare for the vacation.

One of the worst things about a vacation is returning to several dozen (or even several hundred) unanswered emails.  So make sure everyone in the office who might email you while you are away knows you will be away and incommunicado – you will NOT be answering work-related emails.

Also, tie up all the loose ends you can that could result in emails or other forms of message.

Delegate tasks to member of your team – making sure that they have the knowledge they need to accept the responsibility – and making sure that others working on the same projects or in the same area know who has the responsibility.

If you have cyclical meetings or tasks due during the vacation period, try to automate and schedule key parts of those tasks to keep things moving in your absence – it may, for example, be possible to prepare reports for meetings (as drafts which your team members van update if necessary)

Secondly, prepare for your return – plan as far as possible, your first day back … at least to cover key priories or key projects.  Don’t over plan – you have to be flexible enough to react to things that might have happened while you are away.

Thirdly, build in a buffer.  If you can give yourself a day off after your return before you start work.  This allows ytou to think, reflect and clear your ghad, getting back into ‘work mode’.

Fourthly, try to include some tasks or meetings on your first day back that will interest you or you will enjoy.

if you follow this simple approach, your return to work will be easier and you will be more productive.

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