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The Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony between Nisai Group and Mensa School


The Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony between Nisai Group and Mensa School has been held successfully. The Ceremony is the promise between the two parties to acknowledge sustainable cooperation and co-development in promoting high-quality education, supporting extracurricular and social activities for the all-all-rounded development of students, and nurturing the mindset of future global citizens.

Nisai Group will enlighten students of Mensa School with a customized student-centred education programme, tailored with suitable educational methods so that the students can study efficiently and grow their potential to the fullest.

The representatives from the Nisai Group:

  • Mr. Dhruv Patel: Founder and the CEO of Nisai Group, UK
  • Ms. Duong My Linh: General Manager of Nisai Viet Nam

The representative of Mensa School:

  • Ms. Nguyen Hong Tham: Vice-Principal of Mensa School

In years of dedication to excellence in learning, teaching and leading, Nisai Group encompasses online learning provision and blended learning provision to support students globally with a personalized and high-quality education. Our most prioritized target is to offer students the most suitable path to lead to their tailored dream.
Mensa School at the same time always aims to support students with an all-rounded education, allowing students to fully develop their potential. The school provides students with an inspirational environment and modern facilities to fulfil students’ needs for high-quality education.

After this ceremony, students of Mensa School will have the facilitators from Mensa School and Nisai Team to support them in their study, making sure that the lessons will all be of high quality and run smoothly. Moreover, Mensa students can choose more subjects to study in English, not just English itself but also Maths and Sciences. Instead of studying at home, the students are able to study virtually at school which allows students to interact both online and offline, with the ensured education quality and support.

Congratulations to both Mensa School and Nisai Group! Let’s look forward to seeing more cooperation between the two parties.

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