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Case Studies

Units of Sound used by a Secondary School in the Outer Hebrides

What the students say (aged 12-14yrs):

“I think it helps me improve listening skills – super useful if you’re struggling in an area of spelling, but it definitely helps me improve concentration and I’ve been able to focus better because of this. It forces my brain to really home in on things and has helped me in other areas of my work.” 

“It has helped me with spelling. It’s easy to use and makes you think of the correct spellings for more common words that I can sometimes get wrong without thinking.” 

“It has helped me with the starting sounds of words and then my spelling.”

“It has helped me a lot in a lot of my classes – some words like ‘engineer’ I used to spell that ‘enginir’ and now I know it’s two ees together. It’s helped me a lot in my English class.”

“It makes me think harder.”

The tutor says:

“There is one thing for sure – of those pupils that we do target to be on this programme, it is making a significant difference in supporting them to spell correctly, and if they don’t, they can learn quickly. It helps them read and concentrate on words and their ‘make-up’ so much better. From their comments, it is evidently helping them in their general confidence and writing across multiple subject areas.”

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