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Do We Have To Make A Choice?

Climate-change activists often insist theirs is the right way.  They insist that everything we do (or more often not do) must help ‘save the planet’, rather than make us richer or more secure. Yet, in all fields of human activity, the two can co-exist, even help each other…. If we look at green policies and practices […]

Does Time Matter?

Of course it does! However, concentrating on squeeing every last drop of productive output from each day and multi-tasking to get more done can lead to burnout, to stress and anxiety and to a drop in performance. If this sounds like your existence, then think about what it represents.  Time is managing you, rather than […]

A Lesson in Communication

Doug Conant was the CEO of Campbell Soups in 2001 when the company’s business was at  rock bottom due to several organisational issues including a toxic culture. Among the many leadership strategies, Doug adopted, one of them was to engage with each staff member and personally, connect with them. He did something that was unheard of […]

The Need for Balance

I have talked previously about the need to balance the pursuit of efficiency with a need for resilience – we need to be able to cope with supply chain, labour or other problems. We have also talked previously about the need to balance a concentration on throughput with the need to maintain, or improve, quality.  No […]

How Good Are They?

Over the last couple of decades (before the pandemic) lots of middle income countries and middle-performing companies were integrated into global supply chains. Advanced nations and advanced companies had no choice as they needed new sources of materials, parts and skills. These new supply chain partners soon learned what was expected of them and with […]

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