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Small Can Be More Efficient

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) have a number of problems reaching optimum productivity when comported to ‘the big boys’. It is harder for them to achieve the same economies of scale and hard for them to put the same pressure on their suppliers to contain costs. They are less likely to employ consultants and advisers, […]

Engage Your Employees

There is increasing evidence that high performance and productivity comes from workers who are engaged with the organisation …. aware of, and preferably sharing, its value set; aware of, and preferably invested in, its longer-term mission. Engaged individuals are much more likely to contribute to formal and informal innovation processes, much more likely to be […]

Plan Your Planning

We all know that successful in our career, we have to plan ahead, in our job, we have to plan ahead’ in our life, we have to plan ahead. Although we know this is true, we often forget to do it When should we do it? So, when do we do it. Forgetting about […]

Productivity at all costs?

We have all seen examples of business leaders focusing exclusively on productivity growth – and failing to develop the business. Elon Musk – and his (‘hard-nosed’) approach to managing Twitter (now ‘X’) is just one example. Does this mean that a very strong focus on productivity is wrong? As often is the case, the answer […]

Should You Take a Holiday?

The answer to the question is obvious. Yes, you should. We all need a break from work occasionally to rid ourselves of accumulated stress, to refresh ourselves. But I’ve learned that there are things you can do to help maintain productivity whilst still having x complete break. Firstly – prepare for the vacation. One of […]

Who Are You?

Your personal productivity depends on how well you know yourself. What interests you? What are you good at? What don’t you like doing? In the past, when have you performed well – and what were the circumstances? Each of us is different.  We have different interests, different motivations, different abilities, different skills. This means we […]

Is it OK to use the word ‘productivity’?

At the personal level, many people associate the word ‘productivity’ with working (too) hard, suffering a poor work-life balance and increasing stress. At the organisation level, many people associate the word ‘productivity’ with working harder, restructurings and layoffs. At national level, few people understand the word ‘productivity’ – talk about it confuses and frightens them. […]

Its not the medium – or even the message

Most of us have done some form of study that involves a section on improving communications. We learn about the importance of making any message appropriate to the target audience – using the right language, using appropriate images, and so on. We also learn about choosing the medium for the message according to factors such […]

Technology isn’t always helpful

Just imagine you were the CEO of Walmart several years ago.   You can see that Amazon is starting to gain a foothold in markets beyond the books and music where it started. You know you have to have some kind of response, some preparation for when Amazon (or someone like Amazon) starts to intrude on […]

Keep It (Very) Simple

Sometimes keeping things simple yields the best results. This is particularly true for start-ups and small businesses. Don’t get sucked into complex (and expensive) systems of control or ‘improvement’. Stick to the basics. Set realistic goals (consistent with your declared mission and vision). If the goals are long-term, set intermediate targets. Communicate those goals/targets  throughout the organisation […]

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