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Delivering inclusion for life: vocational training, meaningful employment and lifelong education for people with learning differences. A UK-Malaysia partnership event.

February 28th 2024 Kuala Lumpur This event, introduced by Mr Tom Shepherd, Acting Deputy British High Commissioner to Malaysia, and Dhruv Patel, CEO & Founder Nisai Group, brought together the very best of practice in both the UK and Malaysia with the aim of creating innovative partnerships that will bring about a step change in […]

Boosting Children’s Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills with Units of Sound

February 26th 2024 Cape Town Nisai have been in collaboration with Out of Africa Children’s Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa, since 2022. Together they have worked to get Nisai’s Units of Sound online literacy intervention programme into disadvantaged areas in Cape Town, so that children can improve their literacy skills. The new project is at […]

The SEND Implementation Plan: A real plan needed behind the rhetoric?

The SEND Implementation Plan promises support for young people with SEND in all aspects of their education including mental health and that they will hold delivery partners to account. It promises that a young person’s needs will be identified early, and that the local SEND and alternative provision partnerships will provide education plans built on […]

Who Are You?

Your personal productivity depends on how well you know yourself. What interests you? What are you good at? What don’t you like doing? In the past, when have you performed well – and what were the circumstances? Each of us is different.  We have different interests, different motivations, different abilities, different skills. This means we […]

Is it OK to use the word ‘productivity’?

At the personal level, many people associate the word ‘productivity’ with working (too) hard, suffering a poor work-life balance and increasing stress. At the organisation level, many people associate the word ‘productivity’ with working harder, restructurings and layoffs. At national level, few people understand the word ‘productivity’ – talk about it confuses and frightens them. […]

Its not the medium – or even the message

Most of us have done some form of study that involves a section on improving communications. We learn about the importance of making any message appropriate to the target audience – using the right language, using appropriate images, and so on. We also learn about choosing the medium for the message according to factors such […]

Technology isn’t always helpful

Just imagine you were the CEO of Walmart several years ago.   You can see that Amazon is starting to gain a foothold in markets beyond the books and music where it started. You know you have to have some kind of response, some preparation for when Amazon (or someone like Amazon) starts to intrude on […]

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