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Focusing on inclusion, Nisai retains IQM “Centre of Excellence” status 

Nisai retains IQM "Centre of Excellence" status 2023

According to IQM’s review on March 2024, Nisai continues to retain its Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) “Centre of Excellence” status with focus on inclusive learning. Mr. Dirk Pittard, the assessor of IQM, visited Nisai Stockton-on-Tees office and met with Ms. Victoria Reaney, Chief Operating Officer of Nisai Group, to discuss student support. “Despite celebrating over 26 years […]

How assistive technology can positively impact the personal wellbeing of learners whilst improving literacy around the world: Nisai Group at UNESCO Global Inclusive Forum (15 March 2024)

March 13th 2024 Paris In a significant stride towards fostering global inclusivity in education, David Lester, Group Learning Services Director of Nisai Group is gearing up to participate in the upcoming UNESCO Global Inclusive Forum on March 15, 2024. David is participating in the Panel discussion and answering questions revolving around the crucial topic of […]

Delivering inclusion for life: vocational training, meaningful employment and lifelong education for people with learning differences. A UK-Malaysia partnership event.

February 28th 2024 Kuala Lumpur This event, introduced by Mr Tom Shepherd, Acting Deputy British High Commissioner to Malaysia, and Dhruv Patel, CEO & Founder Nisai Group, brought together the very best of practice in both the UK and Malaysia with the aim of creating innovative partnerships that will bring about a step change in […]

Boosting Children’s Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills with Units of Sound

February 26th 2024 Cape Town Nisai have been in collaboration with Out of Africa Children’s Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa, since 2022. Together they have worked to get Nisai’s Units of Sound online literacy intervention programme into disadvantaged areas in Cape Town, so that children can improve their literacy skills. The new project is at […]

Small Can Be More Efficient

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) have a number of problems reaching optimum productivity when comported to ‘the big boys’. It is harder for them to achieve the same economies of scale and hard for them to put the same pressure on their suppliers to contain costs. They are less likely to employ consultants and advisers, […]

Engage Your Employees

There is increasing evidence that high performance and productivity comes from workers who are engaged with the organisation …. aware of, and preferably sharing, its value set; aware of, and preferably invested in, its longer-term mission. Engaged individuals are much more likely to contribute to formal and informal innovation processes, much more likely to be […]

Plan Your Planning

We all know that successful in our career, we have to plan ahead, in our job, we have to plan ahead’ in our life, we have to plan ahead. Although we know this is true, we often forget to do it When should we do it? So, when do we do it. Forgetting about […]

Productivity at all costs?

We have all seen examples of business leaders focusing exclusively on productivity growth – and failing to develop the business. Elon Musk – and his (‘hard-nosed’) approach to managing Twitter (now ‘X’) is just one example. Does this mean that a very strong focus on productivity is wrong? As often is the case, the answer […]

Should You Take a Holiday?

The answer to the question is obvious. Yes, you should. We all need a break from work occasionally to rid ourselves of accumulated stress, to refresh ourselves. But I’ve learned that there are things you can do to help maintain productivity whilst still having x complete break. Firstly – prepare for the vacation. One of […]

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